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- Peritol -

You only need five minutes and one simple solution to eliminate those disruptive and uncomfortable menopause side effects. I was lucky to work for the company that developed this treatment… so I was one of the first who got to try it. Let me tell you my husband and three kids are very grateful for that.

Peritol is a unique capsule packed with a blend of highly specialized botanicals to give your body the nutrients it needs to maintain balance during your transition into menopause.

The nutrients in Peritol have been proven, time and time again in documented studies to help cool the hot flashes, regulate your sleeping patterns… your metabolism… and your mood.

It's amazing that this common-sense solution was overlooked for so long before it was brought to you.

“How Peritol Was Discovered”

You’ll be shocked when you learn how and why Peritol was first made and used. This potent, unique blend of botanicals was originally used to deal with a variety of conditions including those relating to female reproductive organs, such as:

* Dysmenorrhea and Menorrhagia
* Frigidity
* Sterility
* Chronic Ovaritis
* Endometriosis
* Amenorrhea

Not to mention other conditions these ingredients have been used for years with:

* Rheumatism
* Inflammatory Conditions
* Pulmonary Afflictions
* Chorea
* Neuralgic Affections

It’s easy to see how ingredients like these will work for you. Because it worked for them, you can be confident it will work for you. Guaranteed!

Selmedica Healthcare manufacturers Peritol in their own state of the art facility, under the strict guidelines of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Good Manufacturing Practices, or “G.M.P.” Even if you don’t order from Selmedica, you should always, always insist that the products you put into your body are manufactured under conditions where consistency, quality and cleanliness are monitored and controlled.

This means that Peritol is safe and effective. Peritol has been used by thousands of women, just like me, who were suffering and struggling with the unpleasant symptoms of menopause… and wanted a virtually side effect free way to take control and take back our lives again.

If it worked for all of us, it will work for you too — guaranteed.

“What Peritol Does For You”

You need to understand that Peritol is guaranteed to work for you because it is a unique formulation of nutrients, all well known for their ability to reduce the symptoms of menopause, pre menopause and post menopause.

It’s a one-of-a-kind solution developed for woman at every stage of this completely natural transition.

All you do is take one nutrient-rich capsule in the morning, and another an hour before bedtime. You should also drink plenty of liquids so that your body gets the right amount of fluid to enhance the effect of Peritol.

The potent blend of botanicals in Peritol works deep inside your body, at the cellular level to help restore balance… naturally, effectively, and without life threatening side effects.

In fact, the combination of ingredients in Peritol is a result of over 10 years of documented studies, research and tests. They have been used, and applauded by women in both Canada and Europe for years.

You’ll never find a solution like Peritol anywhere in the world.

“How Fast Peritol Works For You”

You’ve lived with the disruption and discomfort of premenopause or postmenopause for too long already. Peritol works fast. If you’re like me (and most women who tried it) you’ll notice your symptoms start to ease up in just the first day or two.

And while every woman is different… most find that Peritol works so fast, so effectively that they can be virtually free of the bothersome, disruptive and unpleasant symptoms of menopause in as little as two weeks.

You really can't ask for more than that can you?

Order Peritol Now!

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